Credentialing Committee

The Credentialing Committee oversees the policies and program development of association-based certification programs including the industry’s Certified Rental Building (CRB) Program along with FRPO’s wide variety of investments in continuing education initiatives. The Credentialing Committee is supported by the direct efforts of the Certification and Governance sub-committees focused on the CRB Program.

  • CRB Governance Sub-Committee
  • The Governance sub-committee oversees the management processes and structures that support the Certified Rental Building Program. In addition, this sub-committee is charged with reviewing any and all tenant inquiries related to the standards or ongoing certification process. Members also provide valued input and advice on the audit reporting process and the continuous review process of the random audit program
  • CRB Certification Sub-Committee
  • The focus of this sub-committee’s efforts is to strengthen the program’s risk management practices, continuously improve on the program’s Standards of Practice, and to continue to build awareness with Ontario rental housing providers and the consumers they serve. The Committee oversees the applications and awards certification to the buildings who ultimately qualify after demonstrating their compliance with the stringent standards that make up the CRB program. The Committee also administers the regular and random audit programs that ensure both initial and ongoing compliance with the program standards.

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is responsible for managing activity and providing strategic direction at FRPO between Board of Directors meetings. Members have continued to make key policy decisions regarding financial statements and to monitor the activities of FRPO committees.

Finance & Audit Committee

The Finance & Audit Committee oversees and directs FRPO’s financial management, reporting, and controllership functions. The Committee is also responsible for the development of the corporation’s annual operating budget for approval by the Board of Directors. The Committee ensures the organization’s compliance with generally accepted accounting standards, and acts at arms length from management and the board of directors in dealing with the organization’s external auditor.

Government Relations Committee

The Government Relations Committee develops overall advocacy strategies to respond to key industry issues. This committee develops appropriate approaches in dealing with government ministries, Cabinet Ministers, and other officials on matters affecting the rental housing industry. The committee works to ensure our industry message is being properly and effectively conveyed to government, the media and the public.

Legislation & Adjudication Committee

The Legislation & Adjudication Committee proactively monitors and responds to legislative issues that impact our industry, including regulations, and legislation beyond the Residential Tenancy Act. The efforts of this committee are aligned with the activities of the Government Relations Committee as regulatory frameworks get introduced following the policy development or consultation process.

Membership & Member Services Committee

The Membership and Member Services Committee pursues and develops additional member programs and services to help property owners and managers improve their buildings and businesses. In addition, the committee supports the delivery of an array of member benefits include an ongoing program of education seminars, social events, and membership information sessions.

Nominating & Governance Committee

The Nominating & Governance Committee is responsible for qualifying and recommending new individuals to serve on committees and/or the Board of Directors. It is also charged with the review and evaluation of changes to the organization’s by laws, administrative and management policies, and general governance oversight as a committee of the board.