Oct 15, 2020

  FRPO Submission for Ontario Budget 2020

  The Federation of Rental-housing Providers of Ontario (FRPO) is recommending the Ontario government take the following actions in the upcoming budget:


  Sep 16, 2020

  2019 Ontario Rental Market Study:

  Revisiting the Supply Gap & Opportunities for Development - Summer 2020


  Feb 15, 2019

  Winter 2019 Report: The Supply Gap Grows Larger

  Prepared for the Federation of Rental-housing Providers of Ontario by URBANATION Inc.


  Oct 12, 2018

  The Changing Demographic Profile of Renters

  Prepared for the Federation of Rental-housing Providers of Ontario by URBANATION Inc.


  Oct 3, 2017

  Renovation Investment and the Role of Vacancy Decontrol

  Prepared for the Federation of Rental-housing Providers of Ontario by URBANATION Inc.



  Sep 25, 2017

  Ontario Rental Market Study: Measuring the Supply Gap

  Prepared for the Federation of Rental-housing Providers of Ontario by URBANATION Inc.


  Aug 1, 2017

  FRPO Response to Bill 139 Changes to OMB

  Industry response to the proposed Ontario Municipal Board changes


  May 9, 2017

  FRPO Submission to the Standing Committee on General Government
  – Bill 124

  Industry response to the proposed changes to the Residential Tenancies Act



  Apr 5, 2017

  FRPO Response – Proposed Reg Amendment

  Ministry of Housing

  Response to the proposed amendment to exclude carbon costs from AGI applications


  Dec 19, 2016

  FRPO Submission on the Ontario Municipal Board (OMB) Consultation

  Ministry of Housing

  EBR # 012-7196

  Industry response to the government’s public consultation on restricting the scope of the

  OMB’s powers


  Dec 16, 2016

  FRPO Submission on the Long Term Energy Plan (LTEP)

  Ministry of Energy

  EBR # 012-8840

  Industry response to the government’s long term energy plan consultation


  Nov 28, 2016

  FRPO Presentation to Standing Committee on Bill 7, Inclusionary Zoning

  Social Policy Standing Committee

  Ontario Legislative Assembly

  Industry response to Bill 7 and the implementation of inclusionary zoning powers for municipalities in Ontario


  Oct 14, 2016

  Transitional Housing Consultation Submission

  Ministry of Housing

  FRPO Submission to the Ministry of Housing on potential amendments to the Residential

  Tenancies Act (RTA)


  Aug 16, 2016

  Inclusionary Zoning Consultation Submission

  Ministry of Housing

  FRPO Submission to the Ministry of Housing on the draft legislation

  Environmental Registry # 012-7617


  Jun 29, 2016

  Proposals to Encourage Small Landlords to Provide Rental Housing

  Ministry of Housing

  Industry response to the government’s Long Term Affordable Housing Strategy consultation to encourage more rental housing units introduced to the market


  Apr 15, 2016

  Large Building Energy & Water Reporting & Benchmarking

  Ministry of Environment

  EBR Registry Number: 012-6904

  FRPO response to the Ministry of Energy’s proposed benchmarking and reporting requirements for large buildings in Ontario.


  Feb 26, 2016

  A Balanced Approach To Enforcing Tenant Eviction Orders

  The Federation of Rental Housing Providers of Ontario (FRPO), representing 2,200 housing provider owners and property managers in Ontario, welcomes the opportunity to participate in the Ministry of the Attorney General’s consultation on new models for civil enforcement service delivery across the province.


  Nov 2, 2015

  Bill 73, Development Charges Amendment Act

  As the Ontario government develops a long-term affordable housing strategy, FRPO recommends that development charges on new rental apartments be waived or reduced.

  View the Committee Transcript here


  Jun 29, 2015

  Removing Barriers to New Rental Housing

  Ontario has everything it needs to build good quality homes at all levels that in turn create good healthy communities. If we stick to governments making policy and builders building housing – we can get Ontario building again.

  See the full report

  See the News Release (June 29, 2015)

  See the Backgrounder (June 29, 2015)


  Feb 1, 2015

  2015 Ontario Pre-Budget Submission

  In order to keep rental apartment buildings in a good state of repair, housing providers require allowable rent increases that fully recover management and repair costs. To start, Ontario should adopt a rent control formula of CPI + 2% for its annual rent guideline.


  Jan 16, 2014

  2014 Ontario Pre-Budget Submission

  FRPO recommends a new monthly Housing Benefit to assist low-income households, as well as the elimination of licensing, rent controls and rent dispute delays to secure future investments in rental housing in Ontario.


  Jan 10, 2014

  Review of Ontario’s Land Use Planning & Appeals Process

  The province must provide clear direction to municipalities to ensure an adequate supply of land for housing. This means removing restrictive zoning, and eliminating the damaging effects of localized community opposition as early as possible in the planning process.


  Jan 8, 2014

  KPMG Rental Housing Economic Impact Assessment Study

  Ontario’s private sector rental housing industry provides 1.2 million homes, 147,000 jobs, an annual GDP of $18.3 billion, taxes of $7 billion, and infrastructure investments of $4.5 billion/year.


  Jan 8, 2014

  Rental Housing: Bringing It Home

  By: FRPO and KPMG Canada

  Highlights from KPMG’s assessment report on the Ontario rental housing industry’s contribution of 147,000 jobs, $18.3 billion in GDP, infrastructure investment of $4.5 billion, and tax revenues of $7 billion.


  Sep 16, 2013

  A Review of Municipal Licensing of Residential Apartments

  By: Michael Fenn

  This report outlines evidence that suggests that apartment licensing is not the best solution to any of the major issues that it is meant to resolve.


  Feb 20, 2013

  FRPO 2-Page Ontario Pre-Budget Brief

  This handy 2-page summary highlights FRPO’s recommendations for Ontario’s 2013

  Budget, and includes six interesting facts about rental housing in Ontario today.


  Feb 1, 2013

  FRPO 2013 Pre-Budget Submission to the Government of Ontario

  FRPO’s pre-budget submission reviews several important key economic facts about rental housing in Ontario today, and outlines the need for improved housing affordability measures, making the rent dispute system fairer, and property tax fairness for tenants.


  July 17, 2012

  Apartment Living is Green

  By: FRPO

  This report provides evidence that apartments should be at the core of any environmental sustainability strategy. By almost every measure, apartment dwellers surpass residents in low-rise homes in contributing to a cleaner environment.


  Jun 25, 2012

  Comments by FRPO on Proposed Changes to the 2007 Fire Code

  Comments by FRPO proposed changes to the 2007 Ontario Fire Code, related specifically to impacts on rental housing buildings.


  Jun 7, 2012

  FRPO Submission on Bill 19 – Changes to the Rent Increase Guideline

  Ontario’s rent control policies already cap rent increases at very low levels – for example the record low rent control guideline of 0.7% in 2011. According to the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing, the average annual increase from 2004-2011 was only 1.89%. Clearly, Ontario tenants have not experienced unreasonable rent increases. There is no evidence from the recent history of rent increases that Bill 19’s arbitrary cap of 2.5% is necessary.


  Apr 29, 2011

  Submission to the Ontario Human Rights Commission’s Consultation on Mental Health

  FRPO welcomes additional efforts to raise awareness of mental health human rights issues provided they are genuinely intended to help avoid instances of discrimination.


  Feb 23, 2011

  Justice Denied: Ontario’s Broken Rent Dispute Process

  The report makes a number of recommendations as to how Ontario’s process could be modernized, primarily by reducing the unnecessary delays in the system. Quicker justice would be better and fairer for both landlords and tenants.


  Feb 11, 2011

  FRPO 2011 Pre-Budget Submission

  FRPO Recommends the Ontario government ease rent controls, provide strategic tax credits for rental housing investments and rebalance the provision of grants and subsidies that currently favour homeowners over tenants.


  Dec 10, 2010

  Rules Regarding Damage Deposits in Rental Housing

  FRPO advocates for legislative amendments to the RTA to allow landlords to collect refundable damage deposits, like most other Canadian provinces do, as a fair, simple, and effective way of maintaining the quality of rental housing, while discouraging costly willful and negligent damage.

Information Item:   Bill 145, Residential Tenancies Amendment Act (Damage Deposits), 2010.


  Oct 29, 2010

  The Provincial Policy Statement: Removing Barriers to Housing Supply

  We are supportive of planning policies that remove barriers to the supply of housing. To accomplish the objective of ensuring residential development can meet the needs of the population, the Provincial Policy Statement must support the supply of all types of housing at all ranges of prices, and abandon outmoded and unworkable policies that focus on targets for the provision of “affordable” housing.


  Oct 15, 2010

  A Bed Bug Prevention & Control Strategy for Ontario

  The rental housing industry is interested in working with the province of Ontario to help eradicate bed bugs in North America once again. We accept our responsibility to treat rental buildings and will do our part.


  Aug 30, 2010

  Government Subsidies to Homeowners vs. Renters in Ontario and Canada

  Government subsidies show massive favouritism to homeowners compared to renters, even though renter households on average have household incomes about one-half the average household incomes as homeowners.


  Mar 22, 2010

  Suite Metering Provisions under the Residential Tenancies Act, 2006 and the Energy Consumer Protection Act, 2009

  Submission to the Ministry of Municipal Affairs & Housing


  Dec 3, 2009

  Impact of HST on Rental Housing in Ontario

  Submission to the Standing Committee on Finance and Economic Affairs regarding Bill 218, Ontario Tax Plan for More Jobs and Growth Act, 2009.


  Mar 31, 2009

  Improving Rental Housing Waste Diversion

  Ontario’s rental housing sector is already a leader on many environmental fronts, including waste management. Compared to single family homes, landlords and tenants in multi-family housing generate over 60% less total waste per household. Given the appropriate tools and policies that put them on a level playing field with owner-occupied homes, Ontario’s rental housing providers can help the province meet its waste management objectives.


  Nov 17, 2008

  A Housing Benefit for Ontario

  Hundreds of thousands of poor people in Ontario – whether they work or receive social assistance – spend more than half their income on shelter. This is a proposal to address this feature of poverty in Ontario by designing a new housing benefit.


  Jan 28, 2008

  2008 Pre-Budget Submission

  Overly strict price-controls on private rents and over-taxation of tenants are the principal threats to a healthy rental housing market in Ontario. Housing affordability can also be improved by enhancing the design of the ROOF housing allowance program, while greater energy conservation potential in our sector can be achieved through new legislation that will facilitate the implementation of smart meters in rental housing buildings.


  Aug 24, 2007

  Human Rights & Rental Housing in Ontario

  The Federation of Rental-housing Providers of Ontario (FRPO) is a strong supporter of human rights compliance and regularly provides education to landlords about their responsibilities under the Code. FRPO together with its members oppose discrimination in all its forms.